Member Story: Amanda Found Her Gym

I never considered myself fat, but I just wasn’t happy with what I was seeing in the mirror. I started eating a lot better around January of 2013 and really got into running. That’s all I ever did, and after a while I knew I needed something else to keep my workouts interesting. I discovered… Read More

Weekly Announcements: 3/17/14

Dodgeball Tournament FLO will be having a Dodgeball Tournament Sunday March 23rd 3pm-5pm. 12 people per team. Sign- up sheet will be located at the front desk. Congratulations FLO wants to congratulate NAT LEONARD for placing 3rd in the IBJJF Pan Championships this past weekend. FLO is proud to have you on the team. Coach… Read More

Member Story: How Leslie Lost 75 Pounds

I started on a diet in January 2013 to be my husband’s “diet buddy,” but that diet has now turned into a lifestyle change for me. I lost the first 60 pounds through diet and running. In November, I knew I needed to do something else to kick start my metabolism as I was wasn’t… Read More

Member Story: Michael’s Fitness Transformation

In June of this year, lifelong Chicago resident Michael joined the community at FLO Fitness & Martial Arts. Before joining our gym in Palatine, he had zero experience in not only mixed martial arts and boxing, but exercise in general, weighing in at approximately 345 lbs., a size 3XL & a 50″ waist. I want… Read More

Member Story: How Dan Lost Over 100lbs

Sometimes, you hear a story and it’s downright unbelievable–like a person losing over 100 pounds in only 15 months. But that’s exactly what Dan did with the help of Achour Esho–Head Boxing Coach at FLO Fitness & Martial Arts. Dan trained with Coach Osh during the past 15 months using a combination of private boxing… Read More

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team Results: NAGA Chicago April 2013

On April 27, 2013 and April 28, 2013, the FLO Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team competed in the NAGA Chicago Grappling Championships. Here are their results: BLUE BELTS Dave Pena 1st Place Masters Expert Lightweight No-Gi 1st Place Masters Purple Belt Gi Will Yarra 2nd Place Purple Belt Gi 3rd Place Expert No-Gi WHITE BELTS Brad Schmickley… Read More

Member Story: The Carlson Family Shares Their Success

Last week, I wrote an article about how one of Coach Osh’s students lost forty pounds and eight inches taking Women’s Bootcamp. This week, I’d like to share another success story about the Carlson family. The Carlsons have trained at FLO since September 2012. In that time, each family member has experienced a host of… Read More

Member Story: How Melissa Lost 40 Pounds & 8 Inches

Melissa Cinquegrani wanted to make a change. She knew that she needed to exercise and eat healthier but just couldn’t find the motivation to do it. One day, Melissa’s motivation changed, and she started searching online for exercise programs. Searching for months looking for the ideal program, Melissa discovered the FLO website and learned about… Read More

XFC Tryouts 2013: A Look Inside

I woke up suddenly. My phone was ringing. “Hello?” “John,” answered the voice, “can you come to FLO? Fighters have been showing up since seven-thirty.” It was eight o’clock in the morning on Saturday, March 9. XFC Open fighter tryouts were scheduled to begin at ten, registration at nine. I planned to arrive by eight-forty-five.… Read More